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Dadah Subagja Tasikmalaya, 27 November 1972 Pendidikan Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa Yogyakarta, 198[...]

Very nice sexy oil painting of a model. ( 3 poses) 50 x 100

Solo Keris 311 Indie Indonesie Nice old Solo keris first part 20e century. Very nice pamor and w[...]

A good example of a side weapon called the sewah which is widely used in the central and northern Su[...]

Beautifull Bali Dancers Aquarelles of 2 female bali dancers in passe-partout and frame of 32 x 4[...]

A lovely original lithograph with rich colour. View of Bilbao Spain. Size 54 x 47 cm. Printed on o[...]

Old Chinese statue of Fisherman Very nice carved out of ivory and is 12 cm high Standing on woode[...]

Schrijver: Colijn, Dr.H. Titel: Op de grens van twee werelden Taal: Nederlands Uitgever: De Stand[...]

A early replica of Wheellock Pistol CONDITION: excellent. MEASUREMENTS: overall length: 61 cm (25[...]

Andi Ramdani Tasikamalaya, 12 August, 1979 Pendidikan Seni Lukis ISI Yogyakarta’ S2 Penciptaan Se[...]

Antique Betel Nut Cutter Handle from Indonesia This is the handle, or hilt, to a betel nut cutter/cr[...]

Geschiedenis van de eerste wereldoorlog in foto's en documenten. Uitgave jaar: 1968 5 delen, comp[...]

Indonesian Hanoman fighting another Statue from Bali first mid 19th century. CONDITION: very goo[...]

Bali statue of Female Figure in mouth Naga DETAILS: This statue is made in the first part of 20 [...]

Java Dagger Pedang 53 cm long blade 37 cm

Very nice old Dayak skull This nice Dayak skull with a hole in the top, and has rattan and carvings[...]

Bali Knive Wedung Size: 34 cm long blade 20 cm

Oil Painting on Canvas Flower Still life size 120 x 60 cm. signed by artist.

Wilder Thornton - De Achtste Dag Uitgever/Jaar: Elsevier 1e 1968 Bijzonderheden: Gebonden, 367p,[...]

Oil Painting on Canvas Flower Still life size 120 x 60 cm. signed by artist.

Oil painting of landscape in Indonesia in relief, by night and is signed by painter Corbeau. Size[...]

"VERKOCHT" Oude jaren 20 Slaapkamer of spiegelkast Ovale spiegel is nieuw Met 2 lades onderin[...]

Jogja Keris 310 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice 9 luk bla[...]

Artist: Basuki Bawono Subject: Gadis tertidur lelap Marks: Signed Material: Oil on canvas [...]

This Kabeala is the traditional weapon from Sumba. Is in very good shape with 6 very fine rattan ba[...]

3x old keris blade Java price p/p

Very nice set Old Indo Persian Mughal Kulah Khud Helmet with, Axe: Engraved 69 cm Shield: Engrave[...]

Ceramic Mexican Vase on frame 24 cm high

Bali Statue Ramayana with two Female Figures DETAILS: Statue from Bali first part 20th century[...]

SOLD !! Two beautiful landscapes of Java Both paintings signed by A. Basyr and are framed in a [...]

" VERKOCHT " Sidetable or dressoir, hout met stevige metalen poten Laden zijn 4 oude platenkoffers [...]

Oil painting of Chinese Tiger the size is 63 x 94 cm.

Early Podang with amulet basket North east primitive old Batak sword with amulet basket like the [...]

This mandau is used by the Dayaks ethnic groups at Kalimantan Borneo. Is without a sheath. The manda[...]

Jogja Keris 309 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice blade gre[...]

Nice print on canvas Oriental style. 99 x 62 cm

Oil painting of very nice nude woman from Bali. Painter is unknown Size is 48 x 68 and frame is[...]

Very nice Dayak Baby Carier with colorfull beadwork.

Mid Java Keris Handle 2 Origin: Indonesia, Yogjakarta Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (height[...]

Bali statueFemale Figure in mouth Kala Ruhu DETAILS: Very nice statue from Bali first part of 2[...]

Nice artistic Oil Painting of Java Village size: 45 x 69 cm, NL Signed by artist

Lockerkast enkeldeurs (was 3 deurs) Kleur Terra Verde , standaard 3 deurs model op pootjes Houten[...]