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Publish on 11-16-2016
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Username: Jotus
Country: Holland
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This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 220 cm long x 100 cm
wide with lots of animalistic representations, great colors and shape:
from winged mystical horses meaning nobility, to roosters representing
life as the first sound heard each dawn is theirs, to center protective
ancestor, butterflies representing lightness of being, fierce lions and
court people lined up watching the mightly ancestor. This Ikat from the
Indonesian island of Sumba, Nusa Tenggara, around 60 years old, made of
handspun cotton dyed with vegetable dyes, and once hand woven on a backstrap loom.
Fantastic shape. Intricate animal and geometric motifs in earthtones,
motifs intricately hand woven with detail, all traditional to Sumba. Rich colors.

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