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Oil Painting on Canvas Landscape Size 120 x 60 cm. signed by artist.

Pre Columbian Moche/Chimu Figural Vessel Blackware, Bulky figure, big breasts. flared mouth. [...]

Beautiful Print by Frances Ann Hopkins 1838 - 1918 travel impression on river in BC Canada. In[...]

Pre-Columbian Head - Earthenware - Tumaco La-Tolita - Ecuador Ancient Pre Columbian anthropomorph[...]

Zeer fraai Mechels Virinekastje Mooi Belgisch eiken vitrinekastje voorzien van diverse fraai gesn[...]

Geschiedenis van de eerste wereldoorlog in foto's en documenten. Uitgave jaar: 1968 5 delen, comp[...]

Set of 10 nice and well dressed Wajang puppets from Java. They are all different batik dress and fa[...]

Java Parang with Dutch Influence Size: 72 cm long blade 56 cm

Unique Tridacna Nguzunguzu Figure New Georgia HEAVY!! Solomon Islands Size: 25 cm or 10 inches made [...]

Oude Japanse scroll in houten doos met fraaie vogel in bambooschildering. 150 cm hg. x 50 cm b[...]

A very good and rare example of a small side weapon called the badek from the central Sumatran regio[...]

Ancient Pre Columbian Vera Cruz Pottery Head, Gulf coast of Mexico, 300 to 600 AD. A large head wi[...]

Nice traditional Bali painting Complete size: 35 x 41 cm. NL incl. frame different shipping price[...]

The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spindizzies or tether cars. Miniature [...]

Sidetable or sideboard, wood with sturdy metal legs Loading are 4 old record cases for LPs Measure[...]

Very nice old silver juwelry set from Djogja Java This set has two earrings and a brooch are made[...]

Madura Keris 837 Indie Indonesie Old keris first part of 20e century, The blade has a beautifull p[...]

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 100 x 45 cm

Bali Keris Handle Antler Deer Origin: Indonesia, Bali Material: Antler Size: ± 9 cm (heig[...]

Two very nice carved ivory elephants. Made in the first part of 20th century. Size .. cm x .. cm

Jogja Keris 325 Indie Indonesie Wonderful old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Nice Pamor and w[...]

Silvercoupon one gulden 1938 The Netherlands

2 Chinese bronze plates Diameter 25 cm

Schrijver: Montgomery Titel: Memoires van veldmaarschalk Montgomery, Burggraaf van Alamein. KG. Ta[...]

Precis historique et anthologie de la litterature francaise Schrijver:  Besancon, J.B. et Struik[...]

Funfzig Mark Reichsbanknote 1914 Used and good condition.

Small Jogja Keris 831 Indie Indonesie. 30 cm Very old keris first part of 20e century, The blade [...]

Oil painting of very nice nude woman from Bali. Painter is unknown Size is 48 x 68 and frame is[...]

Celebes Keris 918 Indie Indonesie

Print van WG Hofker uit 1958 in orginele goudkleurige lijst. 22 x 17 cm. Uit Amsterdamse serie , D[...]

Fine Old Solomon Island Carved Wood Tribal Spear Harpoon Measures 90 cm tall x 4 cm wide. In nice [...]

Automobile Art / Kunst am Automobil (BMW Art Car Collection) Paperback – 1999 by Andy Warhol; Rober[...]

"SOLD" Artist: Hendra Gunawan Subject: Mengandung filosofi Jawa ... Marks: Signed Material[...]

4 x Betel-Nut-Chopper-Handle, also in other ad.

3 x German Reichsbanknote Zwanzig Mark 1914, Funf Reichsmark, Funfzig Mark 1914. Used and go[...]

"SOLD" Beautiful English set of chairs small difference completely cool. Perfect for, for example, [...]

Oil Painting on Canvas Seascape size 64 x 52 cm signed by artist.

The 1930s saw the rise of hand built model racecars, known as spindizzies or tether cars. Miniature [...]

Madura Keris 838b Indie Indonesie Old keris first part of 20e century, The blade has a beautifull [...]

"SOLD" Sumatra Batak Karo dagger This is a wooden Karo of the Batak in Sumatra length is: [...]

Nice colorfull oilpainting from Indonesia. "Fields" Painter: Lim Wasin. The size is: 68 x 50 cm.[...]

Essential from the history : The cars are about 12-24 inches ( 30-61 cm) long and ride on rubber ti[...]