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Very nice US Poster WWII painter is Lyman Anderson. Better known in the Dutch army as a poster fo[...]

Meine Zeit Mein Raubtier - Eine Autonome Ausstellung. My time My predator An Autonomous Exhibiti[...]

Nice statue of a Leguaan sitting on a rock. made of unknown material, I suppose syntatic material. [...]

Nice oil painting like Basuki Abdullah. A potrait of a Bali ruler size painting: 42 x 58 cm inc[...]

Nice 'heavy' metal sign train industrial (warning) sign. Size: 85 x 40 cm

Mother with child vessel Peru, Moche II, ca. 200 - 400 AD A fine, pottery, stirrup-spouted, figura[...]

4x keris blade Java price per piece

" VERKOCHT " Selbst und auch zur Weite der Nacht. Peter Kuckel en Karl Heinz Wahren.

Mid Java Keris Handle 27 Origin: Indonesia, Yogjakarta Material: Wood Size: ± 8 cm (heigh[...]

Funfhundert Mark, Eine Mark Reichsbanknote 1922 and 1920. Used and in good condition.

Keris Hilt Sulawesi/Celebes


Schrijver: Onbekend Titel: De onvergetelijke uren, omzien naar de bevrijding Uitgever: Terra, Zutp[...]

Nice oil painting like W.G.Hofker A Nude Girl with headscarf 1942 size painting: 50 x 100 cm in[...]

This well preserved and original Hembrug Klewang and scabbard are in used but original good conditio[...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 280 cm long x 66 cm. wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

8 beautiful old copper prints from different places in old China. In passe partout of 30 x 24 cm. [...]

" VERKOCHT " Mooi vintage look houten kastje grijs van kleur. Maat is h. 80 cm b. 80 cm d. 53 cm

Indonesian Big Siri Set 29 cm high

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 102 cm long x 56 cm wide with lots of animalistic represent[...]

"SOLD" Parang from Borneo, better known as Mandau, in good condition, handle is made of wood and ra[...]

"VERKOCHT" Japanse pop in Kimono 2 Zeer natuurgetrouw gemaakt, maar gebruikssporen. Hoogte 44[...]

North Java Keris Handle 37 Origin: Indonesia, Cirebon Material: Wood Size: ± 9 cm (height[...]

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 125 cm long x 38 cm wide with lots of animalistic represen[...]

"SOLD" Sumatra Batak straight Piso Podang Most Podangs are curved like Indian swords but this [...]

Cute little carving of Indonesian, Balines man with two cocks an cage. 15 cm high.

De Aarde en haar Volken 1

" VERKOCHT " Camill Leberer - Argonauten

A complete rack/stand with Tombaks from Java With 6 pikes of 250 cm and 3 smaller ones. If you[...]

Jogja Keris 315 Indie Indonesie Nice old Jogja keris first part 20e century. Very nice Pamor and[...]

Naar de West Douwe Egberts Album

De wereld van boven.

Nice Carved statue of Indian woman with child in ivory Size .. cm x .. cm This statue is from t[...]

Old Chinese statue of Fisherman Very nice carved out of ivory and is 12 cm high Standing on woode[...]

Indonesian Siri Set 22 cm high

Schrijver: Churchill, Winston S., Titel: Groote tijdgenooten. Uitgever: Vertaling Pieter van der V[...]

Bali Naga statue DETAILS: This statue is made of ..wood. C[...]

2 beautiful old copper prints of beautiful country houses along the river Vecht in the Netherlands[...]

Celebes Keris 998 Indie Indonesie

This Ikat is from the Sumba region and 149 cm long x 120 cm. (in tube) wide with lots of animalisti[...]

"SOLD" Bijzondere collectie van 5 verschillende Parangs uit eerste deel 20e eeuw . 1. parang Java [...]

Te koop een oud dubbelloops jachtgeweer. In originele, werkende staat. Met dubbele trekkers e[...]