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Modus Vivendi , Elf Deutsche Maler 1960 - 1985

Eleven German painters 1960-1985. Examples of a collection.

Author: Böckmann, Georg [ed.]
Modus Vivendi: Eleven German Painters 1960-1985. Examples of a collection
Format: 28 cm
Pages: 219 pages
Publisher: Museum Wiesbaden; Oldenburg
Location: Wiesbaden
Released: 1985
Binding: hardcover, bound, oppbd, numerous illustrations, weight over 1000g
Language: German
Condition: Read edition in very good, clean condition
Description: Museum Wiesbaden from 8th September to 13th October 1985; Landesmuseum Oldenburg, Augusteum from 27 October to 8 December 1985; as a catalog for the exhibition of the same name.

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