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Publish on 02-25-2020
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Pre-Columbian Vicus Spouted Bichrome Llama Vessel
northern Peru
ca. 300 BCE to 300 CE.
Dimensions: L 25cm, w 11cm, H19cm

A hand-built bichrome terracotta llama effigy vessel with the body of a bulbous, round-bottomed form with a stirrup handle joining the protruding camelid's head/neck showing an expressive visage comprised of applied circular eyes, perky ears(left one missing), upturned nose, and broad smile to the 'tail' spout at the opposite end.
Nose and ear re-attached, several cracks.
Loose parts inside the body.
Remains of painting, dots on the body and stripes on the handle.
White paint on the fave and tail.
The ancients of Peru did not have horses or cows; so llamas were i

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